Francisco Lachowski L’Officiel Thailand Art Video

Francisco Lachowski L’Officiel Thailand Art Video

Talented photographer and director Livia Alcalde is back on these pages with a new video, shot for the December issue of L’Officiel Thailand Art. Inspired by ancient Spartan soldiers that fought the Thermopylae battle, back in 480 BC, Livia connects with models Paul Boche (Fashion Milano), Ryan Barrett (I Love Models Management), Ian Sharp, Ton heukels (Elite Milano), Bastian Thiery, Fernando Cabral, Florian van Bael, Francisco Lachowski, Jester White, Leebo Freeman and Sebastian Sauve (WhyNot) to direct a stunning video.


Justin Wu’s new Instagram channel, @lighterslice will launch a new video featuring Francisco Lachowski & Sebastian Sauvé. Francisco announced the new video on his instagram (chico_lachowski) page and linked to the new lighterslice Instagram page where the video is to be shown upon launch. Francisco also linked to the Team Justin Wu Instagram (@teamjwu) page. The exact date is not yet known, but it should be soon.


This is a really cool video put out by The Fashionisto. I have watched it many times and I always see something different. The music is great and the scene changes so quickly from hot looking model to hot looking model you have to watch it over and over. Some video stills are below the video so that you can look for your favorite model (hint) Francisco shows up late in the video.