Francisco Lachowski & Jessiann Gravel Dress to Kill Magazine

Dress to Kill Magazine has put out a teaser photo featuring Francisco Lachowski with his son Milo Lachowski. Francisco and Milo are photographed sitting on a Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro motorcycle along with a sexy photo of Francisco with his wife Jessiann Gravel. The latest DTK issue includes an exclusive interview with the power couple.

By Bianca Taylor / Dress to Kill Magazine

How did you guys meet? Who approached whom? JESSIANN GRAVEL We met in Tokyo. Francisco was 19, and I was 21. I saw him the first day I arrived. I saw him when he walked in the bar, and I said to my friend, “Who’s that guy?” We stared talking, and I was obsessed right away. He was so pretty.

FRANCISCO LACHOWSKI We met in a bar in Tokyo. This other French Canadian guy was like, “Oh, I like her,” and my mind wasn’t set on dating. I was 19. I just wanted to go out and everything! Then when I started talking to her, we started meeting, and it was just natural. We couldn’t get away from each other. I remember the first night. I can say I made the first move. I asked about the tattoo on the back of her ear, but she was the one that really approached me in the club later on !

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Styled by Jay Forest the editorial will be Francisco Lachowski and his wife Jessiann Gravel’s 2nd run with the Montréal based fashion magazine that launched in 2008 as a quarterly for women and men.

The teaser image above is described on the Dress to Kill Instagram page as “cuteness overload”.


Photography: Jean-Claude Lussier
Art Director: Sylvain Blais
Fashion Editor: Fritz at Judy Inc.
Assistant Stylist: Mateo Cabanettes
Hair and Makeup: Nicolas Blanchett at Folio using L’Oréal Professionnel and MAC Cosmetics.
Assistant: Olivier Binet
Models: Jessiann Gravel and Francisco Lachowski at Montage Models.

Web Art Director: César Ochoa

ABOVE: In December of 2011 Francisco and his wife Jessiann Gravel graced the Dress to Kill pages for an editorial that had the couple striking poses while wearing styles by Marc Jacobs, Prada, Sharon Wauchob, Tiger of Sweden and many others.

Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro

The Ducati Scrambler was the brand name for a series of single cylinder scrambler motorcycles made by Ducati for the American market from 1962 until 1974, and with the production of the new Ducati Scrambler in 2015. Its creation is attributed to the

Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro

Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro

American Berliner Motor Corporation. Models were produced in 250 cc through 450 cc displacements. The 450 variant was sold as the “Jupiter” in the United States.

A new Ducati Scrambler was introduced at the 2014 Intermot motorcycle show, US sales beginning in 2015. The new model, with an 803 cc engine rated at 75 hp, is offered in four configurations: Classic, Urban Enduro, Icon, and Full Throttle.

The first Scramblers (1962~1967) were derived from street-legal models, and featured “narrow case” engines with lightly altered frames. It originally derived from a Ducati Diana road bike converted by Michael Berliner for dirt-track racing in America. These Scrambler models all had a maximum engine capacity of 250cc, and are generally referred to as “narrow case Scrambler(s)”