I DON’T HAVE TWITTER Francisco Lachowski

UPDATE: As of 11/17/2014 Francisco Lachowski finally created his Official Twitter account. Read more about it HERE

Francisco Lachowski during an interview for FORD Models Blog:

Hey about ah Twitter, I don’t have Twitter, I don’t know how it works Twitter I never, I don’t know. Twitter for me, no. It’s not me. All fakes. Twitter all fakes. Maybe in the future, but not now I don’t know.”

Many social media accounts claim to belong to Francisco Lachowski. In fact Francisco does NOT have a Twitter account. That being siad you can follow Francisco and Jessiann on Instagram. They both update regularly but Jessiann more often. Francisco spoke about Twitter in an interview for FORD Models Blog. You can see the full FORD Models video interview and read the transcript HERE.

You can follow Francisco’s Official Instagram page HERE.


"I DON'T HAVE TWITTER" - Francisco Lachowski

“I DON’T HAVE TWITTER” – Francisco Lachowski